Laxmi Oil Pumps & Systems Private Limited is an enterprise that specialises in the custom design and manufacture of lube pumps to meet specific customer requirements in the manufacture of diesel engines for diverse applications.
Centrifuge Filters are technically the best method available to filter oil. These are installed in addition to the regular spin on filter and they directly increase the life of the replaceable filter as well as increase the life of the engine by filtering the oil by centrifugal force. These are very easy to clean. This system drastically reduces the amount of abrasive particles in the lubrication oil of your engine which are otherwise impossible to filter out due they are micro fine.


  Engine protection
  Extended Oil Drains
  Extended Service
  Cost Saving
We manufacture any type of mechanical assembly and sub-assembly as per drawings and specification provided by you. Once we receive your drawings, we deliver the end product fully tested and take complete responsibility of development, procurement, testing and delivery.
LOPS has the additional capacity to machine the components as per the drawings provided by the customer. We however restrict ourselves to components that require critical machining where we give added value.
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